About ManaCooks

Mana in Greek means mother. Manna in Greek, Hebrew and Arabic is the subsistence that fell daily to nourish the Israelites in the desert following the Exodus. Mana  in Polynesian culture is a complex concept of power.

ManaCooks is an online treasure box of everyday magic. Simple practices and recipes to keep a family happy, healthy and strong. Some have been handed down through generations, some have been developed in my tiny galley kitchen, many have been collected from chefs, blogs, magazines and recipe books and tried and tested till they met with our friends’ and family’s enjoyment and approval.

Have a look, see what you like and let me know if we filled a pot with comfort and nourishment at your home tonight.

Welcome! I’m Christina, a Greek-Irish Athens-based lover of books and food. As we started our family, I found myself developing a keen interest in traditional kitchens, nourishing meals, home grown food and lazy, slow delights as well as ways to get dinner on the table on busy days in no time flat.

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